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We are very pleased with our new addition to our family, our new Pomeranian came in from TINY MICRO PUPPIES SHOP ! After much research and inquiry of breeders we decided to Reach out to this company. All questions, concerns and additional information about the breed was provided, thoroughly and timely. After speaking with them, it became clear that they were the way to go! We have had Wrigley now for 3 weeks and we couldn’t be happier. Wrigley is a very happy and extremely friendly Pomeranian. He greats us every morning with snorts and kisses! He loves meeting new dogs and grabbing the attention of others when out on walks. Wrigley loves to be active and is admired by everyone who meets him. We cannot count the amount of times we have gotten compliments on Wrigley about how beautiful he is and their inquiry about where we shipped him from. Thank you again Woodland Micro Puppies. You and your family are just so amazing! We could not be more pleased!

We highly recommend you and your company to those of you who are looking a quality puppy!



Tita is doing absolutely amazing! He’s so full of energy, loves running around and being outside, he loves his walks around the neighborhood and is just such a lover 🙂 We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect Maltese. He is everything we wanted and more!!! Tita is already fully potty trained and is such a good boy. He’s been everywhere with us this summer! We took a trip to Idaho to visit my family, he’s been to the beach, the park, everywhere we go. He’s a spoiled boy 🙂 Tita is growing by the day! His murmur hasn’t stopped him one bit, he is a healthy strong boy! Kris and I will keep you up to date. Thank you so much for Tita! He has been such a joy to have in our lives! We love him so much 🙂 He is perfect!

-Thomas and Justin-.


We are so pleased with Suzi Q. She is a really great little girl and has put allot of sunshine in our lives. Our move has not proven to be a good one yet but Suzi sure has made it allot better. If Sabrina's price should come down please let us know. We would like a companion for Suzi. We love Pomeranians, so if you should have one in Suzi's price range that would be great. We couldn't be happier with our first purchase and if it weren't for my sister, we wouldn't have known about you. She purchased her Pomeranian from you and is extremely happy with her. Please keep us in mind should another little charm need a really great home.

PS: Suzi arrived to us last Saturday, .

Good morning to you all TINY MICRO PUPPIES SHOP. I have been thinking of you so much but just haven't made the time to sit down and catch up. So sorry! Izzy is the most precious, adorable, perfect (well almost) puppy! We are so in love with her, she is such a joy. She terrorizes the kittens. She loves to pull them around by their ears and they just let her do it. I feel like I have three little kids under feet, vying for Mommy's attention. It is wild at the Shea's!! Since David has retired, he is just nuts about Izzy. She can do no wrong and of course she knows Daddy is a push over. She has enriched all our lives so much and I know that we have you to thank. She is priceless.

Love & Long Walks,

Carol and Santos

I just want to thank the TINY MICRO PUPPIES SHOP and the family SO much for giving us the opportunity to take home our precious Pomeranian boy Henry home!! Woodland Micro Puppies brought into our life's the most beautiful and playful boy with the most awesome temperament I've ever seen! The last 1.5 months that we have had Henry has been a dream come true. He brings so much happiness to our lives we couldn't have asked for a more perfect dog to start our family :) From day 1 the Woodland Micro Puppies and family have been professional and so welcoming we never once felt like we will received our puppy to be healthy, but the airport delivery agents delivered us our puppy with all his documents without a clue. Their hospitality along with their high quality dog breeding is top notch and I could not recommend them more if you are looking to add one of these amazing little guys to your family. Thank you both SO much for the most perfect "little person in a fur coat". You have truly made our lives complete. Looking forward to the summer BBQs and all that you have planned for these amazing puppies in the future!! ....

Jason & Mel .

Los Angeles, CA

I found a listing after doing my own due diligence with other breeders about Pomeranians. They were the only breeder who I feel truly cares about the puppies and wants to ensure they have a good home. After putting a deposit down they reserved the TITI for me for about a week. They will always text me with all the tricks TITI were up to for that day . My little girl will turn 2 months this soon and I can't imagine being without her. She has such a unique personality and I will contact you the TINY MICRO PUPPIES SHOP if I have a future need for more fur babies:) Quotes


TITI's Mom.

Hi TINY MICRO PUPPIES SHOP, Just to inform you and your family that words can't express my gratitude about the amazing and healthy puppy you shipped to us. I have to tell ya, I was not expecting the puppy to be as sweet and as small as he is! We named him Sully. He has the most wonderful disposition I have ever seen in a Yorkie puppy. He is fearless, already playing with my 70 pound chocolate lab and ruling (or at least trying to) over the cats. He loves to play with people and loves attention and snuggling. He is turning out to be a big time lap dog, wanting to be on my lap rather then playing :-) I am very pleased with the puppy and with your service. Thank you!

Tony & Sasha from Seattle, WA.

Hello TINY MICRO PUPPIES SHOP, I cannot tell you how much I love her. I swear my apartment has now become a home. Its hard to describe, because it is subtle, but now I meet so many people and people are leaving notes for me at my building with recommendations. And I have given so many people your website. I was before lonely and now not! I took her to see my father who in the hospital after a brain hemorrhage, and they sit all the stroke victims outside on the sunny days. So I took her to the patio and she made so many people smile it would break your heart. And my father asked if it was his dog :). One guy who had a stroke called her coco crisp and asked to kiss her. So already coco has improved the world. And that is so special. Any time you want to come in for a play date let me know and that would be GREAT. Your dogs are magic. I love Maltese puppies and will get Coco's companion soon.

- Sally from Portland, OR -.

Brooklyn is the most beautiful puppy; her personality is absolutely gorgeous and we love every minute of every day with her in our family. She is with us all the time.....the kids on Alex's baseball team look forward to seeing her at all the practices and the games. She loves people and loves all the action! We all want her to sleep with each of us so we "share" her between Alex and our bed.

Kristin & Phillip .

Massapequa, NY

I bought my beautiful puppy Hayden from TINY MICRO PUPPIES SHOP. I was a little hesitant to purchase one over the Internet because of all the fraud I had seen and read about. TINY MICRO PUPPIES SHOP was so patient and understood my concerns. They walked me through the process of the purchase and was so kind. They also kept me up to date with frequent emails and text. When we picked up from the Tampa Airport, They provided us with all health documents including pet articles like the dog bed, blanket, food menu, toys and a video CD which help me know a lot of things about the tiny breed. If I can talk my husband into it, I will purchase another puppy from them. They are WONDERFUL. The old adage you get what you pay for is true. These puppies are more worth the money. Thank you for my wonderful new baby.

Brenda and Jim from .